Young Dominicans are passionate about engineering and come to NASA


What has always kept this group of Dominican boys on their feet is their perseverance and passion for science and problem-solving.   Santo Domingo, RD   A group of students from the Santo Domingo Technological Institute in the engineering area developed a project to participate in the National Aeronautical Administration contest known by its acronym in English as NASA. These boys participated in the “Human exploration Rover Challenge,” a challenge that consists of creating a Rover, the scientific entity’s exploration device in its expeditions to other planets, which had to meet a series of expectations and exceed all challenges in different hypothetical situations. Katherine Amarante, Matthew Rosario, Julio Núñez, Omar García, Juan Chririboga, Valentín López, Manuel Reyes, José Lara and Leslie Rosario, all led by maestro José Ezequiel Díaz, who […]

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