What’s the Christmas colour for home, tree decor in Barbados? Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Bajans are going for pink this Christmas, but not just any pink.

According to stores in Sheraton Mall, as it relates to the colour of the season for the home decor including curtains and Christmas tree decorations, many shoppers have chosen blush pink as the number one choice, or as some call it, rose gold. Either way, outside of town at this Christ Church Mall with two weeks left till Christmas, this colour is winning.

Loop visited Abed’s and the nine staff members interviewed there, six voted for blush. Three votes went to teal/turquoise. Also in contention are ivory/cream and green, with some saying that orange is still in the running from last year.

Over on the West side of the Mall at Do It Best, there was no colour of choice as it relates to curtains and home furnishings. Store Manager Angela Thompson told Loop said at the store, “There is no colour of the year this year. To be honest, people are going with their heart this year. People buying ivory, people even buying black. It is what they feel like this year.”

But in the auxiliary Do It Best store – The Christmas Shop which carries decorations, toys and other gifts, Store Manager Sonia Mascoll said, “The blues are moving, and then the blush, most people call it blush. That colour is moving along with the golds.” Looking at the displays, the blush was practically flying off the shelves and out the door.

Mascoll also shared that at their store, another trend she is seeing is that more customers are purchasing fake Christmas trees this year. She said that she has their 6-foot tree sales are going well, while the stands for live trees are not moving quickly this toss.