What do Dominicans expect for 2021?


Dominicans trust that in 2021 “everything will return to normal.” Santo Domingo, DR At midnight on Friday, a new year began. With it comes a box of dreams, goals, and hope so that 2021 is more bearable, especially in health and the economy. As of March 2020, the lives of millions of Dominicans changed. The country had to face Covid-19, which threatened to be lethal and highly contagious, reflected in thousands of human losses. After almost ten months of waiting in confinement, health protocols, states of emergency, and curfews that seem endless, Dominicans are confident that in 2021 “everything will return to normal.” This was expressed through a campaign carried out by Listín Diario on their social networks, where readers were asked, “What do you expect for 2021?” Messages of […]

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Dominican Police wage hike starts in January

Santo Domingo.– This month the members of the National Police will begin to receive their salary increase, which ranges from 10% to 40%, with the highest percentage being the salaries of those of lower rank. A private who previously earned RD$10,150.42 will now earn RD$14,210.59; a corporal who received RD$11,600.38 […]