‘Very discreet’ dealings in Dominican Republic’s biggest graft case


Santo Domingo.- Five of the beneficiaries were notified of the definitive filings issued in favor of eight persons implicated in the Odebrecht graft case, and  the measure was maintained in a “very discreet” manner. The authorities have evidence that Appellate Court attorney general, Narciso Escaño, directly notified Temístocles Montás, Alfredo Pacheco, Julio César Valentín, Ruddy González and Radhamés Segura of the case file. According to judicial sources, no evidence was found that Máximo D’Oleo, Bernardo Castellanos and César Sánchez were notified. The irregularities with which these files were allegedly handled led the Office of the Prosecutor to launch an internal investigation to determine whether Escaño incurred punishable offenses, because in principle what he had reported is that these files were provisional.

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