The inclusion of women in eel fishing


According to the first census of fishing in the DR in 2019, 9% of all fishermen are women   Sulay del Carmen is 41 years old and had never practiced fishing. It is 9:30 pm last Saturday at the mouth of the stream known as Caño Nuevo, in Portillo, Samaná, and he is preparing to fish eels. She is in the company of her husband, Guillermo Mejía Mercedes, 46 years old. She is originally from Higüey, and he is from Las Terrenas. This is the first fishing season for her, as she has only been living in the area for three months. She has a flashlight in her left hand and her right a kitchen strainer, as does her husband. There are three more Angula fishermen, all of them belong to the […]

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Abinader suspends 36 officials who did not declare assets

Santo Domingo, DR President Luis Abinader provisionally suspended without salary 36 public officials who have not submitted their sworn statement of assets and patrimony. The information was released yesterday afternoon by the director of Ethics and Government Integrity and presidential advisor on corruption, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, who stressed that they […]