St. Kitts National Faces Execution In Texas


CaribWorldNews, HOUSTON, Texas, Mon. Mar. 1, 2010: A 51-year-old woman, born in St. Kitts to parents from the British territory of Anguilla, is facing execution in Texas.

Linda Carty, 51, was put on death row in Gatesville, Texas over the kidnap and murder of Joana Rodriguez, who was seized with her four-day-old son by three men on 16 May 2001.

The baby was later found unharmed in a car, but Rodriguez was found suffocated with duct-tape on her mouth and a plastic bag over her head.

Carty has always maintained she was framed by three men in revenge for her work as an informant with a Drug Enforcement Agency.

Carty could be executed within the next few months unless the Supreme Court agrees to rehear her case.

`If I have to die, I pray that my family and my mum and my daughter will not look and feel ashamed of their daughter or their mother because I was guilty, but realize the state of Texas has failed me,` states Carty in a video plea.

Her legal team says the request for a retrial is based around claims that she was given an inadequate defense lawyer during the original trial and that the UK government was blocked from providing support.

Carty lost an earlier appeal in September when the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans opted not to overturn her conviction.

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