Slovenia suspends vaccination with Johnson & Johnson after death

On Wednesday, the Slovenian government decided to temporarily suspend injections with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against covid-19 after the death of a 20-year-old girl from a cerebral hemorrhage and blood clots a few days after being vaccinated.

“The Ministry of Health asked the Institute of Public Health to temporarily suspend vaccinations with the Janssen vaccine until all the details of this case are clarified,” Health Minister Janez Poklukar told a news conference in Ljubljana, referring to the immunizer by the name of the laboratory.

Scientists advised the executive to temporarily suspend injections with this immunizing substance, as “there could be an unwanted link between this death and vaccination,” said Bojana Beovic, head of the think-group advising the government.

Local media reported that the deceased had been admitted to a hospital in critical condition on Monday, just days after being vaccinated.

Another death linked to this COVID-19 vaccine had already been reported in Slovenia, where 47% of the population received the immunizing substance, one of the lowest percentages in the European Union.

To increase the number of people vaccinated, the Slovenian authorities approved mandatory vaccination for officials from October 1.

This announcement increased the demand for injections with Johnson & Johnson, as this vaccine only requires one dose.

Johnson & Johnson is one of four EU-authorised COVID-19 vaccines.