Santo Domingo East, a city that “advances” with potholes in the streets and piles of garbage


In recent months, residents of the area have sustained “the cry in the sky” due to the large amount of trash accumulating because the truck passes with very little frequency. Santo Domingo East, DR When you enter the territory of Santo Domingo East, in each of the signs and signals that proclaim “welcome” is reflected the slogan of “city that advances” and the denominated municipality head of the province Santo Domingo, has grown so much demographically as socioeconomically that it has become the demarcation with the most people in the Dominican capital. However, this progress, which has brought with it commercial plazas, subway stations, and housing projects, has been eclipsed by the constant piles of garbage found in most of the most populated areas of the sector. In the last […]

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‘Abuser’ laundered US$58.6M into Dominican economy

Santo Domingo.- The transnational criminal network of César Emilio Peralta (El Abusador) built an emporium of companies in the country that managed to place, stratify and integrate more than RD$3.4 billion (US$58.6 million) into the national financial system from drug trafficking. The accusation made by the Justice Ministry against the […]