Rich countries monopolize all vaccines and impede access to the poor


Some, like Canada, bought up to six times what their population needs Rich countries have acquired up to six times the doses they require for their populations and leave the shelf empty for the poor in the race for immunity against COVID-19, which has killed more than 1.6 million people to date and infected 75.1 million. By having the resources to buy the inoculations, long before they were produced and a guarantee that the vaccine would be successful, the developed nations protected themselves by covering their bets with several candidates, the newspaper The New York Times. details in a report. The research indicates that if they received all the requested doses, the European Union could inoculate its residents twice, the United Kingdom and the United States could do it four times, and […]

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The rain did not dampen the festive atmosphere in the capital’s parks

Santo Domingo, DR Despite the rain, this Saturday, Greater Santo Domingo residents came out to enjoy themselves in different ways. Some celebrated one more year of life and enjoyed themselves with friends, and others, the street vendors, took the opportunity to go out to work. A Listín Diario team observed […]