Restrictions will apply for the unvaccinated

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed yesterday by resolution that the national territory is epidemic due to Covid-19 and made it mandatory for those over 12 years of age to present a vaccination card with at least two doses to be in places of collective use, including schools, public transportation, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment centers.

Resolution number 00048 was released yesterday afternoon by the health authorities where a series of measures are established to continue fighting Covid-19, among which are some applications to public spaces, which come into force from this Monday and other individualized ones, to be applied from Monday 18.

Among the first ones are the mandatory use of masks, frequent hand washing, respect for physical distancing, and the other sanitary protocols in force, and that establishments for public use may receive people up to 75% of their capacity, complying with the protocols.

In addition, it establishes that for the celebration of activities that imply agglomeration, the authorization of the Ministry of Public Health must be obtained and confirms the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages in grocery stores, discotheques, bars, casinos, and entertainment centers from Monday to Friday from 12:00 midnight and Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 am.

These provisions will be in force from 5:00 am on Monday, the 11th of this month, when the State of Emergency and the restrictions of mobility through curfew, which have been in force in the country for one year and seven months, come to an end.

Vaccination card from the 18th of this month
Among the individualized measures that will be in force as from Monday 18 of this month are that those over 12 years of age must present an identity document and their vaccination card with at least two doses of vaccines against Covid-19, both originals or legible physical or digital copies to the public or private authority to gain entry to different places.

Among these places are work centers with enclosed spaces and collective use; to study centers of all levels, whether public or private; to use any means of public transportation, whether urban or interurban, and to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, clubs, shopping malls, stores, casinos, gyms, sports centers, and any other amusement center.

In case of not having been vaccinated with at least two doses, then persons over 18 years of age will have to present a recurrent PCR test, in original, with a negative result, performed a maximum of seven days before by the Ministry of Public Health or an authorized laboratory.

Public Health may grant special permission to persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

It warns that in case of falsification of any of these documents, the person responsible may be prosecuted and punished following the provisions of the Penal Code.

Government ends the state of emergency.
The Executive Power formalized yesterday through Decree 622-21 the end of the State of Emergency at 5:00 am this coming Monday morning October 11.

The decree establishes that with the lifting of the state of emergency, the curfew and the restrictions to the freedoms of transit, association, and assembly outlined in Decree 419-2 1 and its modifications are no longer in effect in the national territory.

The country has been under a state of emergency since July 20, 2020.

Use of masks
The main measures adopted by Public Health through Resolution number 48 establish the mandatory use of masks, hand sanitization, and physical distancing in public spaces as of Monday, October 11.

Sources of contagion
The districts currently reporting the highest number of cases are the National District, which reported 144 positive cases yesterday, Santo Domingo with 134 cases, and Peravia with 47 cases.