Requirement of Covid vaccination card is considered abusive

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Abuse of authority

Santo Domingo, DR

Presenting the coronavirus vaccine certification to access public transportation and some establishments in the country this Monday has been cataloged by citizens as an “abusive and very strict measure that infringes on rights and freedom.”

Although some people differ from the restrictive measure and consider it acceptable, they do not rule out its incompatibility with human rights and freedoms in the name of increasing immunizations since “it is implied that it is an obligation” to get the vaccine against the disease.

“I feel it is absolutely wrong because there are people who do not want to be vaccinated and now, as they say, it is obligatory,” said Francis, who went yesterday to apply her first dose “by coercion” after the company where she works demanded that its employees show the vaccination card starting today.

Meanwhile, Anyela Frias expressed categorically disagreed with the disposition because people with health problems can not tolerate the vaccine, as is her case.

Frias told Listin Diario that she had not been vaccinated because she was pregnant and because she was experiencing a risky pregnancy, her doctor recommended her not to get it; however, a few days before giving birth, she was forced to get her first dose yesterday because of the announced restrictions.

She stressed that the measure “is very strict and an infringement of personal rights” and that there are other women in the same or worse situation than her who cannot be forced to be inoculated for some reason.

Jaqueline Mejia also had not been vaccinated due to health complications that persist, but due to work and transportation issues, she had to get the vaccine “hoping to God it will not harm her.”


If the vaccinated are mostly protected and everyone; vaccinated and unvaccinated because the vaccinated can still spread as well as contract Covid, still has to wear masks, distance, and wash their hands as usual, why should the unvaccinated present a danger? It starts here with this rule today; where does it end? The vaccine loses effect after a few months. How many rounds are going to be needed? Future rounds may require the citizens to pay for the immunization either directly or through taxes. Where does it stop, when does it end?” If this was a pandemic of something like the Marburg virus where survival was unlikely, and a vaccine worked effectively against it; people wouldn’t need coercing; common sense would drive the vast majority to vaccination centers. So when the government has to force the public to comply by denying personal rights and freedoms, something is not right.