Renee 6:30 Style Demarco In New Diss Track “Demarsha”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Renee 6:30 goes on the offensive with a diss track aimed at Demarco.

The dancer turn dancehall deejay drops a new track, “Demarsha,” weeks after butting head with the “Puppy Tail” deejay. Their beef comes almost a decade after the success of the single “Puppy Tail,” in which Renee 6:30 claimed she did not get compensated or enough credit for her role in the song becoming a major dancehall hit.

At first glimpse, the song’s artwork is the first thing that caught fans’ eyes, with Demarco being depicted as Madea from the Tyler Perry hit franchise. Not only was the artist clad in an older woman’s dress, but also donned pearl necklaces and a wig.

“Stiff tongue, big gut/ Di gyal dem seh yuh too damn mix up/ See him yah, Mr. Lean, di gyal dem seh the mean man just step in,” Renee deejays.

Renee 6:30 also threatens to leak a photo of herself and Demarco. “Your fans might no believe, but if me get grieve mi might leak a pic of us,” she sings

The female deejay also addressed Demarco’s $6 million request for a clash at Sting. “Bruk and hungry and a beg Laing a thing/ Not even worth a mil Auto-tune a mek yuh sing/ Say yuh want 6 mil fi chat sh*t a Sting/ Lock chatting fat mattic in a mi stacking,” she deejays over a catchy beat.

Demarco, who labeled himself the Dancehall John Wick, believes the song was written by Shane O, with whom he has been trading diss tracks over the past two weeks. Demarco also credited Renee 6:30 for being creative with the song’s artwork. “The Madea artwork bad YF,” he said while dropping a laughing emoji.

Dancehall fans were impressed by Renee 6:30, showcasing her more aggressive side on the track while holding her own against a seasoned opponent. “What did Demarco do to deserve all of this disrespect?? Naah lie the song is well put together,” one fan wrote.

Another fan says that Renee is the most formidable opponent Marco has faced since inviting artists to clash with him a few weeks ago. “Hands down better than Kyodi and Fully Bad Demarco find him match him affi respond to this stiff tongue,” the fan said.

Shane O has not responded to Demarco’s accusations, but the “Dirt” deejay hopped on Live last night to further react to Renee 6:30’s diss song where he hinted that he recorded a response.