Rains reveal the fragility of the Dominican Republic’s electricity networks


Santo Domingo, DR   The passage of tropical storm Laura over a large part of the national territory, knocking down trees and wooden light poles and even concrete, with its winds and rains, once again revealed the energy system’s fragility, precisely that of the distribution that EDES operate.  Hundreds of electrical cables, poles, and thousands of users without power were the scene of the early hours of this Sunday and much of the afternoon hours due to the storm’s passage, disrupting the way of life, businesses, and people who perform remote work. Energy and Mines  The Ministry of Energy and Mines, in a press release, reported mid-afternoon that the service had suffered various disturbances that forced the Energy Control Center to declare the Interconnected Electric System (SENI) in the State […]

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Caribbean News - Tropical Storm Laura Claims 8 Lives In The Caribbean

Tropical Storm Laura claimed the lives of 8 people in the Caribbean Sunday after bringing heavy rain and flooding to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.