President Abinader and his wife will support Yocairy Amarante with surgery


The spokeswoman of the Government of the Dominican Republic, Milagros Germán, informed this Tuesday that President Luis Abinader and the First Lady, Raquel Arbaje, are committed to giving all the necessary support to Yocairy Amarante, the young woman who was attacked with acid from the devil, to have her reconstructive surgeries. Germán announced it through her Twitter account. “President LuisAbinader and the First Lady @raquelarbaje are committed to providing all the support needed for the young Yocairy Amarante to receive the necessary reconstructive surgeries to recover. We listen to her and highlight her courage and the integrity of her soul,” she wrote. On September 25, two unconscionable people disfigured her face and part of her body under Amarante’s ex-partner’s orders. Amarante definitely lost her right eye’s vision due to the […]

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