Powell Voices Pride In West Indian Heritage


CaribWorldNews, BROOKLYN, NY, Tues. Aug. 8, 2009: Former U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, used his presence at the annual West Indian American Day Carnival in Brooklyn, to pay tribute to the many West Indians who have come to the shores of America.

`Today is a day when we celebrate all those who have come to these shores from the Caribbean,` said Powell to a packed tent filled with corporate sponsors, local politicians, community leaders and a media throng.

He paid tribute to his parents, who migrated from Jamaica 85-years ago and who he said taught him and his sister `a sense of shame,` while instilling in them to always do the right thing and make education a priority.

`We had to meet their expectations. They expected us to do better than them,` said the former U.S. Army General of his parents who arrived via the ports of Philadelphia and Ellis Island, before meeting, marrying and settling in the Bronx to raise their two children.

The Republican Party member also zoned in on the issue of immigrants, insisting that they need to be respected, given jobs and health care.

Powell was chosen as a grand marshal for the 2009 Caribbean carnival, which culminated on Monday on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn with a giant party of mas revelers and floats.

He walked the parade route with New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, whom he endorsed earlier in the day for a third term in office. Whatz Up TV caught up with him as he got to the end of the route near the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway.

There he again reiterated pride in his heritage, insisting, `We should be so very proud of what West Indians have done for America.`

Powell was joined by his wife and his daughter at the parade. They later joined several guests in the viewing stands for a taste of the many splendored costumes as the parade made its way down the Parkway on Monday.

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