Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh ring in beauty queen’s B-Day in the UK Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

It appears, Loopers, that Popcaan and his Next To Me partner, beauty queen Toni-Ann Singh, celebrated the latter’s Aquarian BDay in The Old Smoke yesterday.

While Poppie was in London Town for the UK leg of his Great Is He album press tour, the My Type singer – we’ll get to that later – made time for dinner, (and tea, perhaps?) with Singh and loved ones.

Though the Next To Me duohave long been rumoured to be dating, neither of the two has confirmed or denied speculations.

Instead, the two often appear affectionate and embrace each other in ways akin to lovebirds *insert aww here*.

Sidebar: For the My Type portion of this report. Popcaan had a moment a day before Singh’s birthday and got a little carried away – evident by Singh’s reaction and the crowd’s response – when he sang the opening lyrics of the said song for Singh.

It was apparent, he meant well, but I wonder what Miss Rhona may have to say about this outburst. Hmmm…?

Back to dinner…

After indicating that he was barred by Instagram from going live on his personal page, Popcaan used Singh’s phone to rally fans to help him wish her a Happy Birthday.

This was as they delved into the dessert portion. Toni-Ann attempting to finish what appeared to be a chocolate treat, popped on the live to express her gratitude.

“I’m happy to be surrounded by so much love…family and I just give God all the praise…so much to be grateful for,” she stated.

Singh also mentioned that she’s not a “big birthday person”, but stated, in her own words, how special the moment was.

Before the live ended, Popcaan fed Singh chocolate and gave her a peck on the cheek. The two seemed pretty cosy together and while they shared dinner with about six other people, the two enjoyed each other’s company much more.

Alas, dating rumours remain unconfirmed.