Police remove colonel who said he would apprehend journalists during curfew


The National Police reported that they suspended Colonel Nerias Aguiar after a recording was broadcast that is attributed to the colonel in which he threatens to arrest journalists during the curfew if they do not have a transit permit issued by the Presidency. According to the information, the superior officer is being investigated by the General Inspectorate, after expressing incorrect information to a journalist through an audio recording about the journalists working during restricted hours. Journalists denounce police Colonel Neris Aguiar for the threat to arrest journalists during the curfew. The complaint that the commander of the Boca Chica Detachment ordered the arrest of a journalist who does not have permission to transit was made by Logan Jiménez, from “La Voz Sin Censura.” Audio attributed to the colonel circulates on […]

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Dominican Police wage hike starts in January

Santo Domingo.– This month the members of the National Police will begin to receive their salary increase, which ranges from 10% to 40%, with the highest percentage being the salaries of those of lower rank. A private who previously earned RD$10,150.42 will now earn RD$14,210.59; a corporal who received RD$11,600.38 […]