People demand closure of the bottling plant that left 11 dead, and they are willing to die in the fight


In the Monte Adentro community, in the municipality of Licey al Medio, people are crying out for the definitive closure of the Coopegas liquefied petroleum gas bottling plant, where 11 people died, some were members of a single-family. The residents are willing to give their lives if necessary to prevent the plant from being put into operation again. With that attitude, the people once again expressed their impotence and discomfort over the tragedy to the Chamber of Deputies’ commission, headed by its president, Alfredo Pacheco, which made a decrease in the affected areas yesterday morning and he promised to take the needed corrective measures. The tragedy, which occurred last Saturday, October 3, has left mourning and pain in the families and neighbors of the victims and a sequel of psychological […]

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Forecast low likelihood of rain and hot temperatures

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported that there would be low probabilities of significant rainfall in most of the country because the tropical wave has left our forecasting area. “However, due to the dragging of cloud fields caused by the east/southeast wind, there will be slight increases in cloudiness with […]