Parties raise voice of alert for proposal cut 50% of funds


President Luis Abinader’s proposal to ask Congress to cut 50% of the funds received by political parties is a financial blow to these organizations, which base their main activities on the resources they receive each year from the State, first established in Electoral Law number 275-97, and later in Law 33-18, on Political Parties, Groups, and Movements. The opposition organizations Fuerza del Pueblo and Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC) came out in front of President Abinader’s proposal, demanding respect for the laws. At the same time, the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD) announced that it would establish its position on the issue in the middle of this week. The State’s economic contribution to the recognized political parties, groups, and movements is made by the Central Electoral Board (JCE). This […]

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