Panama Papers snag two Dominican senators

Santo Domingo.- The senators of the provinces Maria Trinidad Sanchez and Dajabon, Alexis Victoria Yeb and David Sosa, are two legislators who, according to the Pandora Papers investigation, also appear with offshore companies. The investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) also reveals that 35 world leaders, including 14 Latin Americans, operated in tax havens to avoid public investigation. The information provided by the journalist Alicia Orterga in the program El Informe, indicated that Victoria Yeb appears with the company Sonata Properties Agency, created in the British Virgin Islands, as the owner of JD Guerreo SRL, located in Herrera and that dedicated to the sale of pharmaceutical products “The legislator declared it in his financial statement,” says the journalist. Contrary to Yeb, the senator from Dajabon submitted in […]