Odebrecht witness reveals how bribes were made; Points to Rondón, Díaz Rúa and Pittaluga


Santo Domingo, DR   Mauricio Dantas Bezerra, one of the main witnesses in the Odebrecht case, testified yesterday in the background trial that Angel Rondón and Conrado Pittaluga are the people to whom the Brazilian company Odebrecht made payments to win construction contracts. The witness of Brazilian origin, who held the position of legal director of the construction company until November 2019, also mentioned Victor Díaz Rúa and several congressmen as “the destination” of the payments to not leave any traces. According to Dantas Bezerra, the payments were destined because “they could make the works possible” in the country. During the hearing, the witness stated that the same illegal acts were admitted in the country as in the United States: corruption, money laundering, and violation of accounting rules. Dantas Bezerra […]

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Reminder: The new curfew beginning tomorrow Monday, January 11

With decree 7-21, the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, informed the new date of the curfew that will govern the country and the new regulations with which he seeks to mitigate COVID-19 infections. The curfew will begin tomorrow Monday, January 11, and will end on Tuesday 26 of this month. Its […]