#Nomastoquedequeda (No more curfew), the trend in the networks is asking to lift the measure in Dominican Republic


On Twitter and Instagram, many users expressed their dissatisfaction with the curfew.   Santo Domingo, DR   Hundreds of Dominicans joined this Saturday on social networks under the hashtag #nomastoquedequeda, to eliminate this measure implemented by the government in power. Initiated during the government of former President Danilo Medina and continued by current President Luis Abinader, the curfew has been a measure taken to control the expansion of COVID-19. However, after more than six months in which the State of Emergency has been lengthening along with the curfew, people are tired of this measure, expressing their repudiation in social networks. Although there is no visible head, the hashtag #nomastoquedequeda has become the first trend today on Twitter and is regularly accompanied by a photograph with a yellow background and black […]

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