NexusTours and Juniper Travel Technology Team Up to Change the Travel Industry

CANCUN, MexicoNov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — NexusTours, recognized as a premier Destination Management Company (DMC) across Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America proudly unveils its strategic partnership with Juniper Travel Technology, a pioneer in travel tech innovation. This formidable alliance aspires to transform the travel industry by merging state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled Travel Experiences and Mobility solutions.

Rubén Gutiérrez, the President of NexusTours, expressed, “The synergy between both companies has the potential to redefine the market,” asserts Rubén Gutiérrez, President of NexusTours. “At NexusTours, we’ve always had a clear vision of growth and innovation. I can’t imagine a better ally than Juniper to carry out this shared vision: our DNAs converge in dynamism, innovation, and a deep commitment to both growth and our clients. This collaboration, which we have solidified since 2017, is the manifestation of two companies ready to redefine experiences and mobility in the travel industry. This alliance is not just a step towards the future; it’s the foundation of a revolutionary model we aim to build together, for all our partners, DMCs, and experience and mobility providers.”

Over the years, NexusTours has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of digital transformation within the travel industry, championing guest-centric, innovative solutions that resonate deeply with the world of DMC. With this collaboration, Juniper will take the helm, propelling these groundbreaking solutions further and making them accessible to an even broader DMC audience, setting new examples for how experiences and transfers are managed and marketed.

The collaboration between NexusTours and Juniper will revolve around three fundamental pillars that form the axis of the alliance: Firstly, the intention is to expand and make available to other like-minded companies in the sector the cutting-edge technological solutions that NexusTours has been developing in recent years, and that Juniper Travel Technology will further enhance. Concurrently, both aim to jointly orchestrate a global marketplace, serving as a bridge between providers and consumers, striving for a more comprehensive and nuanced travel experience. Ultimately, the goal is to weave a collaborative network of companies that resonate with the philosophies of both entities, driving joint growth in the industry through a robust partnership program.

Juan Mateos, Managing Director of Juniper, shared, “The introduction of Juniper Experiences by NexusTours into our corporate portfolio is a watershed moment in our growth journey. Collaborating with NexusTours amplifies our vision of building upon the monumental successes we’ve both garnered in the tourism domain. This partnership echoes our ambition to remain at the forefront of travel tech solutions and expands our product suite with the expertise of a specialized team deeply versed in destination services. This exciting merger represents a pivotal milestone for us, further strengthening our leadership in the travel tech space.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership and the innovative initiatives that NexusTours and Juniper will be rolling out in the upcoming months.

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