New curfew schedules create chaos and distress


The extension of the curfew throughout the country will delay reviving tourism and other sectors of the economy. Santo Domingo, DR The announcement of new circulation restrictions yesterday created recent crises in the economic sectors that, although they agree with the Government’s measures, do not cease to feel the negative impact of their businesses’ time limits. Supermarkets, banks, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, intercity transportation companies, wholesale and retail trade, and other businesses activated emergency meetings to define how they will operate under the new curfew rules to stop expanding COVID-19 and at what times. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and commercial banks all announced new customer service schedules in the afternoon. The Association of Commercial Banks (ABA) notified that from today, Monday through Friday, all banks’ closing hours would be […]

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This was the first curfew to begin at noon in Greater Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, DR The first weekend of the year has arrived, and citizens seem to be effectively welcoming the new restriction imposed by the Health Cabinet (GS) to prevent further coronavirus spread. The measure, which has been the most severe of all concerning the curfew, dictates that on Saturday 2 […]