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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Rohan Lubon, who served as Principal of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School (LHCSS) for nearly three decades, is moving on with ‘mixed emotions’.

In a February 4, 2023 letter, he informed parents and guardians of his transition to Director, Youth Development in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, effective February 1.

“The transition is not easy,” he told reporters, adding that he has been at LHCSS for twenty-seven and a half years, practically more than half his lifetime.

According to Lubon, the institution became his home away from home.

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But despite having mixed emotions about his new move, the former Principal noted that his new job falls within his interests.

“It’s a sad moment to be leaving the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School but I am also excited to be taking on this new challenge,” he stated.

Asked about his achievements at the learning institution, he said it was not about him but the team.

“It’s a team effort,” he explained, adding that committees made decisions.

In this regard, he said that since becoming Principal, the team saw the school’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) pass rate increase.

He also said he maintained the school discipline started by his predecessors, Mrs. Jane Bourne and Mr. Rupert Ellis.

“They are the ones who actually set the tone and the culture of the school so my role was to come and ensure there was a high level of discipline because this is the pillar of Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School,” Lubon told reporters.

“Once I was able to maintain that level of discipline everything else fell into place,” he stated.

Lubon also observed that the school introduced more groups, clubs, and infrastructure projects.

And he said the cooperation of the students helped in the achievements.

“We have a very competent staff and the students are very, very disciplined,” Lubon asserted.

He acknowledged that there would be incidents of indiscipline.

Nevertheless, he declared that, generally, the LHCSS has a very good student body.

He was confident that with his departure, the school administration would build on what the learning institution has achieved.

Lubon told reporters that LHCSS has very competent staff passionate about the institution’s success.

He said he was going into his new job with an open mind, ready for whatever challenges he encountered.

“I am a very competitive person. Persons who know me know I do not like to lose. So when it comes to achieving goals, that is something that I take very, very seriously,” he declared, adding that he will overcome with the support of stakeholders and others willing to contribute.

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