Medina’s much-touted surprise visits ‘a complete deceit’


Santo Domingo .- Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Director Leonardo Faña on Thur. labeled former president Danilo Medina’s much-touted surprise visits were a complete scam. “Not only because IAD equipment was mismanaged, but also the funds that he pledged to send to the agricultural sector they never reached their destination.” He said he has a list of all the surprise visits by Medina, which involve more than RD$64 billion. “As an example the 11 surprise visits that Medina made to the province of Elías Piña and the 84 promises made to farmers, in which the administration said it invested RD$2.33 billion.” “However, you go to Elías Piña and do not find a single project that you can say that changed the way of life for the community,” said Faña, who said […]

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