Medical Tyranny? – Freedom Coalition Writes Pierre Regarding Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has written Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre expressing concern over amendments proposed to a planned World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty.

“Why has your government not informed the citizenry with respect to the position it took at the WHO conference in Switzerland earlier in the year ( 2022), where amendments proposed by the Biden administration to the International Health Regulations would effectively cede our constitutional and citizens’ rights to the WHO and result in absolute and unprecedented medical tyranny?” The document asked.

According to the Freedom Coalition, if approved, the amendments will be in the Pandemic Treaty proposed by the WHO.

The group noted that, fortunately, African countries, Russia, China and Brazil were among nations that ‘rightfully and courageously’ opposed the measures.

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“The implications of this draconian treaty for the citizens of our country and the world would be frightening and , far reaching,” the Freedom Coalition’s January 27, 2023 letter to the Saint Lucia Prime Minister warned.

In addition, it reiterated a call for a post-mortem on how Saint Lucia managed the COVID-19 pandemic.

The January 27, 2023 letter to the Prime Minister also expressed concern that despite numerous reports from countries around the world of many people suffering adverse effects and death as a result of taking the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, the Ministry of Health continues to promote the injection which has proven to be neither ‘safe’ nor ‘effective’.

The organisation copied the letter to Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar George.

Negotiators met in Geneva in December last year to thrash out a pandemic treaty to ensure the flaws that turned COVID-19 into a global crisis could never happen again.

They hoped a global agreement would regulate how nations prepare for and respond to future pandemic threats.

WHO member states expect to consider a progress report this year and an outcome in 2024.

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