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A man turned eight bamboo sticks into a flying drone that costs 11 GBP in eastern China.

Zhao was devastated when he flew his expensive drone into a tree and smashed it into pieces, so he thought he would just build a new one in Shandong province.

He said he could not afford to replace it so he took materials from his backyard and shopped online for other parts before finally finishing the DIY electronic.

Footage shows the invention’s test flight with the drone’s engines starting up before it zoomed up into the air at high speed.

Zhao bought its motors, propellers, driving equipment, and electronic remote controls for just CNY 100 (?11) from a website.

Instead of expensive injection moulded bodywork, he tied together eight bamboo sticks. The device was able to fly smoothly and properly perform its basic functions, with a fake camera for aesthetics.

“It has a camera but just for the aesthetic feeling. I plan to improve my design soon and I will add a real camera next time,” he said.


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