Luis Abinader assumes today the “Government of Change” in the Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic.- Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, an economist by profession, assumes the Presidency of the Dominican Republic this Sunday, after having won in the elections of July 5, with 52.52 percent, a number that for the curious could be of intriguing coincidence, since seven days after the voting, the president-elect turned 52 years old. “We won, but we will never forget who we owe this victory to; We owe this victory to you, to the Dominican people,” Luis Abinader pronounced himself on the Sunday night of his electoral victory. Son of the businessman and political leader José Rafael Abinader Wassaf, of Lebanese origin and native of Monte Cristi, and Mrs. Rosa Sula Corona Caba, of Canarian colonial lineage and native of La Vega, Luis Rodolfo, Abinader studied high school at […]

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