Lucian family holds prayer session for missing toddler Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The family of Aiden Dolor of Soufriere, St Lucia, who has been missing for close to a week, held a prayer session yesterday, January 25, to give them strength and courage during their time of distress.

The child, a three-year-old who is non-verbal and autistic from Fond Benier, Soufriere, has been reported missing since Saturday, January 21.

The attendees at the prayer session, which was held near the home of the missing child’s family, included a number of residents who prayed with emotion and exuded grief.

“We are having a prayer session for healing and to strengthen the family, so wherever he (Aiden) is, he will have light, direction and guidance and be at peace,” the greataunt of Aiden, Muriel Dolor told Loop News, adding that they are hoping for the best.

Muriel Dolor

She also lamented that a lot of rumours and misinformation are being spread about the incident, which is hurting the family.

“To make matters worse, people are spreading rumours about us and what has happened, and it is not helping us,” Dolor said, in a voice filled with emotion.

She said the incident has left the family heartbroken and distraught.

The missing child’s aunt, Debbie Dolor addressed the report that Aiden was believed to be seen struggling in the water in video footage obtained from a popular bar at the Soufriere Beach Park, calling it inconclusive.

“Stop spreading rumours, we don’t even know whether it was Aiden in the footage. The footage was not clear,” Dolor said.

Debbie added that the only footage that was clear was the one showing Aiden walking toward the Soufriere Beach Park.