Locals should share more Airbnb “Experiences” with tourists Loop Cayman Islands

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The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Although you can learn a lot about a new travel destination by researching, and reading reviews of critics and other travelers beforehand, nothing beats living the experience yourself.

Recognizing the importance of this, Airbnb has been getting travelers closer to the actual experience by connecting travelers to locals who know the ins and outs of places (this is done through the “Experiences” feature (downloadable from the Google Store) on the Airbnb app).

If Cayman entrepreneurs were to connect with tourists through this Experiences feature, not only could they earn money from the endeavour, but it would be a plus for the tourism product.

Some of these pluses include:

“Unique” experiences would be created for the destination as locals would not only share popular, mainstream joints, but those off the beaten pathOn tours of various spots (bars, restaurants, etc), tourists would hear the personal perspectives of locals, perhaps even get some information on the history of some places that are not mentioned in the magazinesThe number of locals seen by tourists on the frontline may be increased as more locals interact with travelers through the Airbnb “Experiences” feature

In terms of the money locals can earn from offering these “experiences,” Airbnb shows that locals in other countries earn anywhere from $50 to $400 per experience.

Types of services include personal tours of nightlife locations, beaches, photography sessions, food tasting, and nature tours (regarding these services, local entrepreneurs can also set tour group sizes, times, and dates).

Locals in other countries also enhance these experiences by including a “storytelling” feature, adding little-known tidbits and historical context of each place they visit with tourists. This would be particularly interesting for locals in Cayman to participate in, as storytelling has been a popular part of Cayman culture for some time.

Ultimately, sharing Airbnb experiences would be a win-win situation for locals. They can make money and share culture and heritage at the same time.