Jamaican Government Again Slammed In WikiLeaks Cable


CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Thurs. Dec. 23, 2010: Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding and his Jamaica Labor Party government has again been embarrassed by confidential diplomatic cables leaked by the now infamous site, WikiLeaks.

New cables released through the Guardian newspaper site claims that the mayor of the country`s capital, Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie, told a U.S. Embassy officer that his administration collaborated for years with accused drug lord Christopher `Dudus` Coke to fight crime, especially in the don`s stronghold of West Kingston, the home constituency of Golding.

He also `predicted that there would be `severe repercussions` and `collateral damage` if Coke were arrested, and that this would `risk destroying everything the government was trying to do on the economy and crime,“ the leaked U.S. communiqué said apparently written by Isiah L. Parnell, the embassy`s deputy chief of mission, said.

The cable was written in August 2009, days after the U.S. first asked Jamaica to extradite Coke to face federal drug and weapons-trafficking charges in New York.

Some 76 people died in battles between drug gangs and authorities after Golding agreed to the Coke extradition, nine months after fighting the U.S. request, including through the hiring of a U.S. law firm to oppose it. Coke is currently in a New York jail awaiting trial on drug smuggling charges. He has pleaded not-guilty.

Leaked cables also claim Golding`s wife, Lorna Golding asserted that New York Representative Charles Rangel was a sympathizer of the opposition People`s National Party and was `whispering in Secretary Clinton`s ear` to hobble her husband`s government.

It is alleged in the cable that Mrs. Golding made the `rambling comments and penchant for sharing conspiracy theories` during a tea with an embassy officer.

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Yolonda Kerney has declined to  comment on the new cables which come on the heels of last week`s claims that the Cuban authorities were frustrated with the Jamaican JLP government for their lack of response to drug smuggling.

PM Golding has sidestepped any response to date on the new cables but last week insisted while the 2009 cable regarding the Cuban government`s frustration was true, that situation has changed since the head of the drug fighting entity of the government has changed.


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