INVI announces home improvements in La Vega


SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Housing Institute (INVI) announced today that improvements would be made in 1,470 homes in La Vega. The information was released during the visit to this region by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader. “The ‘Dominicana Se Reconstruye’ project, an initiative of our president, aims to rebuild and improve housing for residents in the most vulnerable areas throughout the national territory, until meeting the goal of reaching the goal of 30,000 roofs that they become, after their renovation, dignified homes,” stated Carlos Bonilla, president of the INVI. He also recalled that the initiative would have an investment of more than RD 1.9 billion pesos and generate approximately 6,800 direct jobs, thus helping boost the country’s economy and boost the construction sector as promised by the head […]

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