Investigator says Dominican leader took drug money

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Miami.- The communicator Angel Martinez on Mon. accused President Luis Abinader and the governmental Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) of allegedly having received 15 million dollars from drug lords. “You have said it: everyone is responsible for their actions. I’ll take care of it, tomorrow I’m going to Marco Rubio’s office, that he’s not going to give him a fight, but he’s a congressman from the United States.” “I’m going to bring him the narcos from his party, I’m going to bring him more evidence of 15 million dollars that drug trafficking gave to his party. And to remind him who gave “a few pesos” to his party -PRM- Miguel Gutierrez, who is imprisoned here, gave it to him,” said Martinez on YouTube. The also investigator accused the Abinader government of […]