Incidence of antibacterial gel in low disease propagation


The use of Handyman Clean’s antibacterial gel, creams, and soaps in workplaces, studios, commercial establishments, and in other public places ensures a low spread of diseases because it eliminates 99.99 percent of the most common germs that cause damage to health, including the Covid-19, after 15 seconds of its application. The executive made the pharmaceutical company LAM, Gina Torres Arias, who explained that the use of these products had had an impact on reducing the rate of absence of employees, students, and hospitalization. Torres Arias specified that Manitas Limpias is the first locally manufactured and commercialized antibacterial gel that can reduce typical microorganisms on the skin and destroy the potentially pathogenic transient bacterial flora. Torres Arias stated that this article protects the hands’ skin from dryness and possible dermatitis due […]

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Evacuations Under Way In Guatemala, Honduras As Hurricane Iota Threatens

Caribbean News, Latin America News: By Sofia Menchu and Gustavo Palencia GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, Mon. Nov 16, 2020 (Reuters) – Hurricane Iota is rapidly gathering strength as it barrels toward Central America, a region still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Eta, and experts predict this year’s unprecedented storm season […]