Hundreds crowd shopping centers in Santiago without maintaining physical distance


The purchases are attributed to the aid that the Government gave Despite warnings about the increase in coronavirus cases that keep the leading local hospitals saturated, thousands of people, without maintaining physical distance, went this Thursday to this city’s main shopping centers to do their Christmas shopping. During a tour carried out by Diario Libre reporters, they observed the people crowded together as they moved through Del Sol, 30 de Marzo, España, Duarte, San Luis, and other streets in the Historic Center of Santiago. Also, the citizens crowded inside the stores and supermarkets. Jose Octavio Reinoso, president of the Association of Companies of the Center of Santiago (ASECENSA), attributed these agglomerations to closing the flea market that operated in this city. He indicated that these informal merchants took to the […]

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Abinader is America’s second best-approved president

Santo Domingo, DR. The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, is considered the second most approved president of the American continent according to the ranking made by the company Real-Time Data Corp. Abinader appears as second in the list with a 90% approval, only behind El Salvador’s president, Nayib […]