Group wants to remove the statue of Columbus

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The Police came to prevent damage to the statue.

Santo Domingo, DR

With signs in hand with the message “we do not celebrate genocide,” “October 12, nothing to celebrate,” and “colonialism, racism,” a group of demonstrators spoke out in Colon Park, Colonial City, against the existence of the statue that honors the European as well as the denomination of the “Day of the Race” which was commemorated yesterday.

They considered that the celebration of Columbus Day implies “that there is a need to decolonize the memory to decolonize society, monuments in the squares and cities. In addition to eliminating racist, xenophobic and discriminatory narratives in school textbooks.”

The event was attended by representatives of Accion Afro-Dominicana, El Grito de los Excluidos, Museo de la Dignidad, Desalojo Cero and the Comite Dominicano de los Derechos Humanos (CDDH), among other groups.