Fuel prices will rise between RD $ 2.10 and RD $ 4.80, except LPG


Starting at midnight tonight, all fuel prices will be between RD$2.10 and RD$4.80, except for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which will experience a decrease of one peso per gallon in price. The fuels that registered the most significant increases are Regular Diesel, which will be sold at RD$156.40 per gallon, for an increase of RD$4.80; Optimum Diesel, which will be dispatched at RD$167.10 per gallon, with an increase of RD$4.80, according to a review by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. It also said that Premium gasoline would be sold for RD$206.40, which represents an increase of RD$2.10 per gallon, and Regular petrol will be sold for RD$193.80, with an increase of RD$2.10. Avtur will sell for RD$116.70, up RD$3.20; Kerosene will be distributed for RD$141.30, with an increase of […]

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Abinader suspends 36 officials who did not declare assets

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