Four things Dominicans will follow up on in 2021


Santo Domingo, DR. Curfews, debts, economic crises, virtual classes, vaccines, social distancing, and coronaviruses have been the main topics of this year, making us question where the Dominican Republic is going after the pandemic took everyone by surprise. After identifying the disease of the new coronavirus on December 1, 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China, in a group of unknown people with pneumonia, governments never imagined that such symptoms would have repercussions throughout the planet and even less that they would have to face a pandemic like the one experienced in 1918. The Dominican Republic was not an exception to the virus due to the few measures in terms of restrictions, supervision of activities, and foreigners’ arrival to the country. Therefore, on March 1 of this year, the first […]

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Abinader is America’s second best-approved president

Santo Domingo, DR. The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, is considered the second most approved president of the American continent according to the ranking made by the company Real-Time Data Corp. Abinader appears as second in the list with a 90% approval, only behind El Salvador’s president, Nayib […]