Former Dominican President Danilo Medina declares assets of 25 million pesos


Former President Danilo Medina presented an affidavit of assets and assets for RD $ 25 million (US $431,000), just over three million to what was reported in 2016. The ex-president reported RD $ 25,852,949.31,  while in 2016 he declared RD $ 22,555,429.31, which means an increase in his assets in four years of RD $ 3,297,520. In Medina’s statement, he indicates an apartment for RD $ 12 million and a house for RD $ 4.0 million. Also declared was a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser VX.R SUV valued at RD $ 3,850. In 2016, it declared home furnishings for RD $ 3 million and works of art for RD $ 750 thousand, while by 2020, both categories increased to RD $ 4 million and RD $ 1,500, respectively. Regarding his assets, […]

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