Food prices in DR rise amid pandemic


Added to the uncertainty that Dominicans are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic are the price increases that have registered more than 100 foods so far this year. The ten products that have increased their prices the most so far this year are sour orange, avocado, squash, orange, fresh chicken, red beans, potatoes, black beans, yams, and tayota, with increases ranging from 10% to 50 % in just seven months. According to the most recent publication of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) experienced a variation of 1.88% in July compared to June 2020, locating the accumulated inflation January-July period of 2020 at 2.32%. With this result, the interannual inflation, measured from July 2019 to July 2020, reached 4.35%, remaining within the target […]

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