Food for the Holidays


Guarantees The Government guarantees products in quantity and quality for the Christmas period, mainly of agricultural origin. This guarantee is given by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Institute of Price Stabilization (Inespre), institutions that support the production and commercialization of the basic basket of the Dominicans. The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, assured that there is enough rice, chickens, eggs, pigs, food, vegetables, fruits, and other products in abundance and at affordable prices to meet consumer demand in the country. This week, Cruz, together with the director of Inespre, Ivan Hernández Guzmán, began a program of popular sales in 135 sectors of Greater Santo Domingo, which include a great variety of these and other fresh products at low costs for the population. Hernandez Guzman explained that 45 trucks would […]

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The rain did not dampen the festive atmosphere in the capital’s parks

Santo Domingo, DR Despite the rain, this Saturday, Greater Santo Domingo residents came out to enjoy themselves in different ways. Some celebrated one more year of life and enjoyed themselves with friends, and others, the street vendors, took the opportunity to go out to work. A Listín Diario team observed […]