Food delivery workers flock to get vaccinated in order to be able to work

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

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Santo Domingo, DR

Outside the vaccination post located at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, a long line of food deliverers parked and others entering to get inoculated against Covid-19.

The reason is that they have been prevented from entering commercial plazas, restaurants, and other establishments for lack of vaccination certificates.

“I don’t understand how a rule of a ministry is above the Constitution,” exclaimed one of the deliverymen present.

He confessed that he tried to enter a supermarket this Monday morning and was prevented from doing so.

Another of the delivery drivers said that he received the first vaccination and had to go because they are demanding the second one, and “it is now obligatory to have the second.”

“I came to get vaccinated out of coercion, because they are forcing one to do so,” he said.

His companion assured that she was not against the vaccine but that “life belongs to each one of us and for the government to exclude some from it is wrong and for any of us to accept that is also wrong.”