First plant to process and use sargassum on Dominican Republic coasts installed

ALGEANOVA IN ALLIANCE WITH THE PUNTA CANA GROUP FOUNDATION As a result of the economic and social problems represented for the tourism sector by the voluminous arrival and accumulation of sargassum on the Dominican coasts, the company AlgeaNova, which is dedicated to the application of marine technologies to combat the invasion of sargassum, installed the first multipurpose plant for the transformation, use, and valorization of sargassum in the country. “The sea has an unexplored potential and opens a horizon for the emergence of a new industrial sector around the use and valorization of sargassum that reaches the coasts of our country in strict respect for environmental treaties,” said Manolo Despradel, general manager of AlgeaNova. Since 2011, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico have seen a significant increase in the […]