Everything has gone well in Abinader’s first month as President of the Dominican Republic


Santo Domingo, DR     For the suspicion with which taxpayers tend to view politicians’ actions, President Luis Abinader, who has just presented his balance of the first month of government, things have turned out very well when the favorable opinions are taken into account. Comments favorable to Abinader and his regime abound on radio, television, and social media programs. The public has been lenient to the extreme because no one has criticized his appointing a Cabinet of white people from a black and mulatto population. In times when Black Lives Matter, even the Vatican, comes close to that belief because it has set aside its propensity to discriminate against people of color in the Episcopate, giving way, as it did in Santo Domingo, to a sign of diversity. Abinader […]

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Meteorology (ONAMET) foresees little rains for this Sunday over Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Meteorology Office (ONAMET) predicted an environment of scattered clouds and scarce rainfall due to an atmosphere with limited moisture content today. However, at the end of the afternoon, the presence of a trough at various levels of the troposphere and the diurnal warming cycle will be […]