Economic rebound noted with Central Bank measures


Santo Domingo, DR The measures adopted by the Central Bank shortly after President Abinader, who will turn 100 days on Monday, have helped to soften Dominicans’ gloomy spirit after the COVID-19 pandemic and to project a better future for the economy. Abinader made a bet whose results can be seen three months after taking office, in favor of Governor Héctor Valdez Albizu remaining in the position, which he has held in recent governments since the ten years of Dr. Balaguer, except in that of Mejía. The confidence of the private sector of the investment sectors in tourism and the population that possibly believes that in other circumstances, it would have been worse as in the four years of 2000-2004 when several banks failed due to lack of supervision.  Valdez Albizu, […]

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Opinions differ regarding extension of curfew

Santo Domingo, DR Citizens of Greater Santo Domingo showed different positions concerning the proposal put forward by the former president, Leonel Fernández, who suggests that the curfew be eliminated in the country but that nightclubs and places for the sale of alcoholic beverages remain closed. While some understand that the […]