Dominicans in Haiti set foot back in the country

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Santo Domingo, DR Dominicans residing in Haiti are beginning to leave that country due to social, economic, and political instability. At the same time, Haitians who live here illegally do not want to return to their land, which is why they are absent in streets and avenues to avoid being arrested by migration inspectors. They also complain about the slowness of the Haitian authorities to provide them with birth certificates and identity cards to obtain Dominican visas so as not to emigrate illegally. Dominican Maria Josefina Filpo said that she had been working for a free zone company in Pention Vill for two years. Still, two days ago, she decided to return to Laguna Prieta, her community, in Santiago, because of kidnappings, assaults, crimes, insecurity, lack of fuel, food, and […]