Dominicana turns 121 years old and celebrates by singing and dancing.


Doña Natividad Martínez de la Cruz, considered one of the oldest women in the world, turned 121 years old.   Despite her impressive one and nearly a quarter-century age, which her identity and electoral card confirm, Doña Natividad is very active. The energy and encouragement shown by this longevity are impressive. She gets up from a chair with impetus, walks quickly, and turns over on a bed with agility while dancing to the rhythm of bachata and even reggaeton. Also, she speaks with character and laughs heartily. She sings Christian hymns with a strong and clear tone. Her memory sometimes fails her, but she relates her experiences of the early years coherently, when, as she says, “she worked the land like a man.” Doña Natividad comes from a family of […]

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