Dominican Republic neighborhoods of Santo Domingo East mock the new authorities defying the curfew


The National Police suspended patrols in the Brisas de la Charles sector In the popular sectors of the Santo Domingo East municipality, curfew violators (mostly young people) also make fun of the new police authorities, as they did with the previous ones. When the curfew begins, starting at 7:00 p.m., the transgressors ignore the provisions to prevent the expansion of COVID-19, which reached 1,710 deaths and 94,715 accumulated cases. This happens in the sectors of Los Mina, Villa Faro, Mendoza, Brisas de la Charles, Los Pinos de Hainamosa, Los Solares, Villa Liberación and Invivienda, where the headquarters of the Eastern Regional National Police are located. In those places, because the beverage centers are closed, young people are gathered in the streets with loud music in violation of social distance and […]

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