Dominican Republic generals’ stunning kickback scheme

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Santo Domingo.- The Anticorruption Prosecutor (Pepca) interrogated 70 defendants of Operation Coral 5G, in the ring headed by Major General Adan Caceres Silvestre, Colonel Rafael Nunez de Aza and Pastor Rossy Guzman, who are being held in prison. In a typical transaction, a member of the military would get monthly a check for RD$30,000, but would receive only RD$3,000, as “kickback.” “This criminal network, taking advantage of their functions, closeness and unrestricted support of the country’s chief executive, committed a series of actions that are subsumed under serious criminal offenses.” Those arrested are Generals Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola and Boanerges Reyes Batista, as well as Captain Franklin Antonio Mata Flores, Colonels Carlos Augusto Lantigua Cruz, Yehudy Blandesmil Guzman Alcantara, Miguel Ventura Pichardo and Lieutenant […]